Zaza Hassan.

zaza hassan

Born in CAIRO (Egypt)

University References

• Theater license in Paris 8,

• Master’s degree at the University of Paris 3 Sorbonne

• Doctorate of the 3rd cycle

High-level artistic training:

• Classic dance

• Oriental dance and Egyptian folklore

• Jazz and body language

• Comedia Dell’arte (Carlo BOSO)

Various introductory courses in the techniques of socio-educational and cultural animation (technical workshops of manipulation of masks and puppets).

Combining his talent with these formations, Zaza Hassan thus became in a few years an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer

In addition to dance and choreography, he has his talent in many other fields: animator and dance teacher, director, actor and actor.

Recognized artistic applications over the years, Zaza has demonstrated its know-how in many artistic applications:

• Animator in different cultural centers in Egypt (1966-1971)

• Creator of the group «RAMSÈS» (oriental dance and Egyptian folklore) in 1972

• Founder of the Zaza Artistic Center (oriental and modern dance, choreography, theater, children’s animation, puppets) in 1980

• Production and staging of many shows in France and abroad

• Participation in the Helsinki International Dance Festival (Finland) in 1990.

• Book on oriental dance

• Disc

Animator and dance teacher

Animator and dance teacher (jazz, oriental, corporal expression, theater) in cultural centers, he participated in many cultural events throughout France:


• Inter young France Europe (1979)

• Neighborhood House in Ivry (1977-1978)

• ACAVE (1978-1979)

• House of Youth and Culture at Pontault-Combault (1979)

• Creator of a theatrical group (musical) at the sociocultural center of QUINCY S / S SENART (1982-1983)

• Theatrical animator for educational research work and social action for young immigrants, through their identity and traditions, in collaboration with:

– The C.R.I.V (Interdisciplinary Research Center of Vaucresson)

– The social service of the childhood of Essone (1983)

• Animation of a dance workshop with VINCENT LEPECHON’s Specialized Institution for Supervised Education (November 1983)

• Animation of an internship of corporal expression and dance, at the Specialized Institution of Supervised Education (March 1984)

A presence in the whole world

Trilingual (literary Arabic, French, Italian), Zaza has also shared, for years, her knowledge of oriental dance by regularly leading and conducting oriental dance workshops in many cities around the world:



PT (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria.)

FRANCE (Tours, Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon, Toulouse …)

ITALY (Milan, Turin, Viareggio, Naples, Treviso, Finale Ligure …)

GERMANY (Cologne, Frankfurt, Aachen, Lingen, Angelstadt, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart …)

ENGLAND (London, Norwich, Southampton, Manchester, Buckingham …)

BELGIUM (Ghent, Lanaye-Visé …)

NETHERLANDS (Maastricht, Utrecht …)

SWITZERLAND (Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Basel …)

SPAIN (Madrid …)