Téo Versiani (Brazil)


Professional Dancer, Choreographer and teacher of arabic folk dances. Started his studies in 2004 with the teach Nagla Yacoub, and continued his studies with the teachers:

Tarik, Nasser Mohamed, Polimnia Garro, Priscilla Samra, Brigitte Bacha, Amr Abd Allah ( Egypt ), Ahmed Fekry (Egypt), Mohamed El Sayed (Egypt), Mohamed Shahin (Egypt).

Trough the years Téo Versiani continued Choreographer with folk groups from different cities of different states: studio Agnis, espaço Klaryk, Grupo Giovanna Franchi, Grupo Aris Medrei, Grupo Sol do Oriente, Grupo Rejane Lopes, Grupo Sandra Miller, and created his own group in São Paulo named Cia Téo Versiani of folk Arabian dances.

Téo versiani started his career international doing shows and teaching workshops in Chile at December 2012, In 2014 in Posadas (Missiones) in Argentina that was organized by Romina Maluf together with others dancers like: Amir Thaleb, Oscar Flores, Tarik maestro Mario Kirlis and his band and gave a workshop, was a jury and had a participation in the most important show. In 2016 came back to Chile in the city of Valparaiso for shows and WorkShops. In 2016 visited Egypt to get more knowledge about the Egyptian Folk, and participate of festivals. Téo Versiani has titles in groups and individuals in the biggest event of Arabic dance in Brazil.

2004 – 2 º lugar Grupo Nagla Yacoub

2005 – Grupo categoria prêmio destaque Grupo Nagla Yacoub

2006 – Duo categoria prêmio Grupo Nagla Yacoub

2007 – 1 º lugar em Grupo e Duo. Primeira dupla a ganhar o prêmio máximo no Mercado Persa ( Nagla Yacoub )

2008 – categoria Grupo 3 º lugar Grupo Nagla Yacoub

2009 – 1 º lugar categoria Grupo (Coreógrafo e Bailarino) Grupo Giovana Franchi

2010 – Individual 2 º lugar

2012 – Casal 2 º lugar (coreógrafo e dançarino) Téo Versiani e Bruna Nassif

2013 – 1º Lugar ( Coreógrafo e dançarino ) Téo Versiani e Faell Rabelo

2014 – Grupo Destaque mercado persa Dabke abrindo o concurso de folclore

2015 – Grupo Destaque mercado persa

2016 – Grupo Destaque mercado persa