Silvina Fredes (Argentina)


She was born in San Juan, Argentina in the bosom of a family with a wide trajectory in the dance.
Since she began her studies of Spanish, classical, folklore and tango dances.
I graduated as National Music Teacher at the San Juan Multipurpose Arts Center.
In the exterior it was perfected in Caribbean dances in the Dominican Republic.
He studied Theatrical Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy, Humanities and Arts of the U.N.S.J.
She graduated as Professor of Arab Dance from «ARABIAN DANCE SCHOOL» (Capital Federal) directed by the teacher Amir Thaleb.
In 2001, he created and directed his own «FATME» Arab Dance Institute (San Juan)
Currently the institution has seven promotions of graduates.
Since 2003, the International Encounter of Arab Dances has been organized by Master Amir Thaleb in the Federal Capital (Argentina) where he trained with the main international teachers:
Yousry Sharif, Raqia Hassan, Randa Kamel, Mohamed Kazafy, Doaa Sallam, Mohamed El Sayed (Egypt), Ahmet Luleci (Turkey), Hayat El Helwa (Brazil), Samara Hayat, Alika (Spain), Hadia, Aziza Milla Kadous, Mohammad Shahin and the first dancers of Argentina: Amir Thaleb, Maiada, Sarat, Yousef Constantino, among others.
In 2005 she formed the Fatme Dance Company with her performing performances in Argentina and other Latin American countries.
In 2007 she danced as a soloist in the Open Gala of the IX International Encounter invited by the teacher Amir Thaleb and accompanied by the prestigious Orchestra Horus.
She participated in the «Mujer 2000» Program in channel 8 of San Juan, dictating a weekly «micro class».
Since 2007 he has organized the «Intensive Seminars of Arab Dances in San Juan», declared of Cultural Interest by the Undersecretary of Culture and by the Provincial Legislature, and the deliberative Council of the City of San Juan, being dictated by the great masters of Federal capital.
Since 2008, she teaches «Master Class» and is an examiner at various Arab Dance Institutes in Argentina.
Since 2011 she has been a lecturer at the RADAM Arab Expo held in different provinces of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, organized by Sharon Ali.
In 2016 and 2017 attended the festival of Raqs of Course in Cairo Egypt to perfect and dance in the galas with the orchestra of Randa Kamel.
At the moment it continues being perfected in the different styles of dances, and in everything referring to the Arab culture (language, music and percussion)