Samir Hussein (Egypt)


We are lucky to have Samir Hussain as one of the teachers of Crazy Nights Festival. He is  an Egyptian artist full of knowledge and wisdom to share with you at Crazy Nights Festival this July 15th in Cairo, Egypt.

Samir Hussein worked with the Troupe Reda during 30 years and traveled with them to all the festivals in Arab, African and European countries. Also, worked with Samir Sabry during 10 years, had trained in some clubs and cultural palaces with design reviews also worked in the riddles of Ramadan. Currently he is coach and designer of reviews folklore and eastern.

Somos afortunados de tenerte a bordo Samir Dans, un artista egipcio lleno de conocimiento y sabiduría que busca compartir en el Festival Crazy Nights este julio 15 en Cairo, Egipto. Samir, trabajado con el Tropa Reda desde hace 30 años, y viajado con ellos a los festivales en países árabes, africanos y europeos. También, ha trabajado con Samir Sabry durante 10 años; actualmente es entrenador y diseñador del folclore y oriental en Cairo.