Mustafa Siina (Egypt)

52800489_2097382053685737_8767669353844834304_nMustafa is a dancer of Tanoura Sufi and Egyptian folklore and player of sagat or Crotalos, and some Egyptian rhythmic instruments. He is teacher of sufi dancing and crotalos technique as well as folklore dancing (choreography). He started in the field of dancing when he was nine, and he was dancing in the Egyptian wedding parties to the age of seventeen, then I moved to the phase of Egyptian rhythms. He participated in one of the bands of youth centers and culture palaces in Cairo. At the meantime, he  learned playing of tora or crotalos then he participated with the big teams in Egypt. Mustafa also participated with one of the Egyptian Opera House bands and moved to Tanoura and Sufi dancing phase at the age of nineteen. He travelled to an Egyptian tourism city, (Sharm El Sheikh), and began to work in the hotels and tourism villages. During that period, participated in the festivals and national days of Egypt, then he participated in many international festivals in Africa, Asia and Europe. He participated in Qatar’s In «Ayad Festival” several times and Dubai’s “Tourism and Shopping Festival” for four years respectively; in the carnival of sea people, Dubai 2003; in Indonesia in the festivals of Ramadan (Middle East Festivals) in Reds Carlton Jakarta Hotel.

He participated in the Asian Olympics with the Australian Company in Qatar 2006, in Spain (Malacca) to participate in the Three Cultures Festival 2007.

Then he joined the Nile Music and folk singing band in 2009. This is one of the bands of the General Culture Palaces Authority, Ministry of Culture. He participated with the Egyptian cultural relations in many international festivals such as the State of Uz bekistan with the Egyptian Cultural Center there, and in the festival of “Doha Capital of Culture”, 2010, at the Operate House of Qatar. In Spain, he  participated in Raks Madrid Festival 2010 with Nesma Al-Andalus. In Morocco, in several festivals, including the Walily Festival and in Malta in the festivals of the Belgian Cultural Center; in Turkey, Istanbul, he  participated in the opening and closure of the book fair and again in Turkey in the Ramadan festivals.I participated in
He traveled fourth times to celebrate the parties of Qatar exhibition land, then I travelled to Malaysia in the International Drum Festival in 2013, and  in Kuwait in the festival of “Kuwait … Capital of Islamic Culture”.
He was honored in many international festivals and received prizes and acknowledgement certificates.
He has a small group of Sufi Dancing and I work in this group with the tourist areas of Cairo. I moved to a new stage with Danzas Del Mundo Company with the Argentinian – Spanish Director: Dani Pannullo. This phase added much experience to me. Participated in many festivals and big theaters
DESORDANCES_3 In The Opera Cairo (Egypt) 2007
DESORDANCES_3 At Teatro Fernando de Rojas
Circulo de Bellas Artes
C / Alcalá MADRID (Spain) 2007
At Festival REMOVALS
At Teatro Circo
Cartagena Murcia (Spain) 2008
Opening New Headquarters Arab House in Madrid (Spain) 2008
In ETNOSUR JAÉN Festival (Spain) 2008
On The Balcony Of The Performing Arts «Inside» EXPO «ZARAGOZA (Spain) 2008
Cuyás theater
Las Palmas (Spain) 2009
Opera Damascus (Syria) 2010
DESORDANCES_3 (from dervish to break)
27 Inauguration Music Festival Alicante (Spain) 2011
At Sama’Skana Theatre in Cairo (Egypt) 2010
The Principal Comedy Theatre in Cordoba (Spain) 2010
In the courtyard Aulario University of La Merced
Next to the Cathedral, Cádiz (Spain) 2010
Huelva (Spain) 2010
IN SEVILLE (Spain) 2010
In the Patio, Pablo Olavide University Palace Briones House, CARMONA (Spain) 2010