Mahyra Saad (Argentina)


Mahyra Saad is from Argentina. All her life is linked to art. She started to study dance at the age of  5 years began. Her first steps were inclassical dance, then Argentine jazz folklore and always with Arabic by his descendants, until taking the position of teacher in 1996 until the moment in the Arab Social Club of Lomas de Zamora Buenos Aires Argentina.

She is a senior professor in Arab dances, specialists in Syrian-Lebanese folk dances.
She is a descendant of Syrians and Lebanese from both paternal grandparents.
She has a long career in dance since the year 1996 until the moment her work in the community and in society in general has been uninterrupted.
Her study of Dance Princess Mahyra Saad this year marks his 21st birthday … There is a complete program to certify the students.
Matters: History of dance origins, all styles in the ARAB DANCES:
DABKE -CARYE – RAKZA-BELLY -ELEMENTS -ORIENTAL -EGIPCIO-RITMOLOGIA CHINCHINES -PERCUSION LEVELS 1-2-AND 3 OF DERBAKE, JAZZ-, Arabic language levels 1,2 and 3 phonetics and writing .. Academic level.
I currently manage 20 institutes in provinces of Argentina and Uruguay.
It is the official representative of the South American tournament LIBRAF Brazilian league who is responsible for selecting and touring from April to October all of Argentina and then take the delegation to Brazil they are THE BEST talents of oriental dance Latin rhythms, urban, with elite score, tournament considered the largest in South America.
She is a member of the executive committee of the Arab social club of Buenos Aires Argentina. The same venue has been founded by her paternal grandfather. It is worth noting that she is the first woman to hold a position in the institution, which she represents with great pride and passion !!
her jury duty in national and international competitions consists of 18 years IN MORE 6 TOURNAMENTS … national and international SAME IN SOME has provided specific material and guidelines of the Arab dance.
It takes more than 10 YEARS traveling to Egypt the reason to be trained in the most prominent festivals of Cairo, every year to date, updating their knowledge.
Mahyra is very clear that her place in this medium is considered to be a teacher of great teachers. Her intension in dance is to train great dancers … not only to show her dance but to instill in them the culture that this millenary EARTH entails.
He teaches classes, seminars both in his country of origin and in: Uruguay, Paraguay Santo Domingo, Ecuador and Brazil.
Academic speaker at the UAI interamerican university of buenos aires MIDDLE EAST ISSUES THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE ARAB COUNTRIES.
His ballet hilá huddúd (without limits) represents the middle east arduously in every meeting of the collective in the best stages of bs as well as abroad BRAZIL AND URUGUAY.

Festivals where I was an International teacher.
Loreley Acosta maktub May 2014 Dominican Republic
Neme Quinteros -Tauma August 2016 Ecuador