Hassan Afifi (Egypt)


He is one of the biggest stars of Crazy Nights Festival. Hassan Afifi is one of the most popular choreographers of Egypt and became an integral part of the Egyptian (TV) dance scene.
In the fifties he travelled with Mahmoud Reda all over Egypt to study the local folk dances in the various regions of the country.
Hassan Afifi was from the beginning a member of Mahmoud Reda’s first founded public folkloric group in Egypt 1959, the Reda Troup.
This Group showed for the first time the local Egyptian folk dance on stage and made is way famously through the world.
Hassan Afifi founded together with Mahmoud Reda the world famous Redagroup in Cairo. At first he was an athlete, nevertheless during his study of natural sciences he developed to a top class dancer and actor .Numerous national and international stars of the oriental dance arosed from his school, for example Nagua Fouad, Saher Saki, Mona El Said, Fifi Abdou and lots more. Since over 30 years he works as a choreograph on the egyptian television and developed choreographies for more than 100 movies and stage plays. Since many years he travels all around the world to educate all the fellows of oriental dance in numerous countries. His excellent work combined with his typical Hassan charm opened up the hearts of the people.
In 1977 Hassan Afifi stablished his own performance group and with his uncomparable art he teached over a decade also in Europe and the US the folklore and the classic oriental dance.
Hassan Afifi dances Fawazir (first television competitions) The name and flexibility of his body was linked to the performance of the Fawazir Ramadan for decades from the 1980s to the nineties of the last century, in addition to his participation in representation in some of these Fawazir since the transfer of Fawazir from radio to television.
In the course of three decades, Afifi presented the Ramadan Fawazir reviews where he designed the reviews along with dancing in Fawazir «Arousti, The Mystery of Queen Sheherazade, Fawazir Al Waqwaat, Fawazir Wonders of the Fund of the World, Fawazir Al Helou Ma Maqmlesh, Fawazir Fatwa: General Information, A Thousand and One Nights: Bride of the Sea, Karima, Halima and Fahima, Fawazir Al-Minya «.
His magical creations can be seen through his uncomparable choreographies.
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