Dr. Hassan Khalil (Egypt)


Dr Hassan Khalil is one of the living legends, encyclopaedias and pyramids of Middle Eastern / Oriental Dance and Folklore.

He is the founder and was general director of the Egyptian National Ensemble for Folklore, the famous Kaomeya Troupe. After he was the general director of the musical theatre in the Balloon Theatre and

of the Oum Kalthoum Theatre in Cairo

. At the Academy of Art, High Institute of Folklore in Giza-Cairo he was supervisor for many dissertations of Master of Sciences and Ph.D.s. Prof Khalil held the decoration first class in Science and Art in Egypt.

Prof Khalil passed many studies in England, Russia and Egypt, and held his Ph.D. in directing of Musical Theatre from the Academy of Art in Bulgaria.

He was head of the department of acting and directing at the High Institute of Dramatic Art in Kuwait and as well consultant at the ministry of information in Kuwait for theatre and Folklore. Prof Khalil is not only expert for Egyptian Folklore, he is known as well the specialist for Gulf State dances. Many times, he was invited by several Arabic States to align the ceremonies for their National Days. Prof Khalil created and organized productions in large theatres or sports stadiums with more than 1000 active ones on the stage. Therefore, Professor Khalil received various honours and decorations from kings and presidents of these states.

As specialist for choreographies for cinema films, he directed many dances in Egyptian movies like Saghira ala el hob and Girls camp, in internationals movies like Pharaonic Bronce and L’hombre (The shadow) and in documentary films like Artist Dream and The White Piano.

He was dance trainer for Samia Gamal, Naima Akeef, Tahia Carioka, Hodda Shamseddin etc and choreographer for famous Egyptian Dancers like Nagua Fouad , Halla al Safi, Amira-Princess of Cairo, Iman Hamdi and other more.

Under his direction as director & choreorapher of the Egyptian National Ensemble for Folklore and of Musical Theatre at the the Balloon Theather today famous dancers like Fatten Salama, Denise Enan, Freiz and many others more started their careers under his direction.

Beside the National Folkloric Group, Prof Khalil founded many other Egyptian dance and folkloric groups and created over hundreds of choreographies for Oriental / Middle Eastern Dances and Egyptian and Gulf Folklore Dances.

Prof Khalil was the first Egyptian Dance Teacher and choreographer coming to Europe /Germany in 1984. As consultant he build with Dietlinde Bedauia Karkutli the famous German Oriental Dance Studio ARABESKA and organised with her the first International Oriental Dance Festival in Francfort/Main (Germany) in 1987 and as well in Cairo at the Menahouse Hotel in 1991.

Until today Prof Khalil is training many international famous dancers worldwide and doesn’t stop to create new choreographies, always combining the classical Egyptian dance with con

temporary influences.

Quotation: «The Oriental Dance is a special expression of the female body. I like to give women a kind of framework of the dance, but I leave it up to everyone, due to this foundation to develop artistic.»

Known as pleasant and competent teacher Prof Khalil is travelling now for more then 20 years to Europe giving workshops, lectures and seminaries, training and coaching for dance teachers and professional dancers as well for ambitious dancers of each level, in order to further admit the love for the Middle Eastern Dance here. He enriches many International Oriental Dance Festival worldwide with his unforgettable way of teaching – the art of teaching dancing.