cropped-cropped-cnfdorado.jpgThe Crazy Nights Festival was created in 2015 in Cairo (Egypt) under the artistic direction of the Egyptian international dancer  Mohamed El Sayed and his partner Mohamed Atta, director of management and tourism. Their idea was creating a cultural and knowledge space on the oriental dance open to dancers from all over the world.

Crazy Nights is home to Egyptian teachers with a great professional background and worldwide recognition, as well as foreign teachers who have managed to maintain the essence of Arab dance in their countries and the world at a high and recognized level.

Some of the teachers who teach classes every year within the framework of the Crazy Nights Festival are: Mohamed El Sayed, doc. Prof. Hassan Khalil, Alaa El Din Youssef, Sahra Ardah, Salah Elewa, Faten Duarte, Samir Hussein, Carmen Vargas, Anton Sankiem, Ranin Alamir.

The courses return to folklore and the dances originating in Egypt, modern dances, oriental dance, fusion of dances, rhythmology or musicology, among others.