Abdou Asfour (Egypt)


Abdou Asfour is an egyptian native tabla player he was born and raised on Mohammad Ali Street, the second son of Mohamed Asfour the famous accordion player and muisc compuser for 90% of the music of (King of Egyptian pop songs) Ahmed Adawia and many other famous singers in Egypt and the Middel East , he is also the nefew of Khamis Henkish The legend of tabla player.

Abdou began his musical journey at the age of 5, like all the rest of his great musical family that he belongs to, by playing theTabla (Darbuka). When his inate talent began to develope very quickly and he soon moved He his skill and love for the tabla by playing with his father’s band in jordan . And his uncle Khamis Henkish in the Henkish group, also with well known artists of the time such as dancers Farida Fahmy Mona Elsaied Aida Nour, Azza Sherief , Randa Kamel, Momo Koudous , Mohamed Elgedawi , Amier Taleb and many other europian belly dancers at Ahlan Wa Sahlan dance festival of Raqia Hassan Also with singers as Adawia took notice of this unusual young man and began to showcase his music. Soon after, Abdou joined the band of singer Ahmed Adawaya and his musical career took off. With such enormous exposure he was able to preform with one lots of Egypt’s and Middle East largest music bands , singers such many many others. Abdou has been playing Tabla for longer than 23 years of his life and has got more and more to give. Abdou Asfour is now located in Belgium where he prefourm and give also tabla lessons and as well in many other european countrys. Abdou loves and lives for his tabla.